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In my young years I grew up in the beautiful country of Namibia, which consists of striking barren landscapes of breathtaking colors. I grew up the other half in an equally stunning Western Cape of South Africa. With blue mountains, cold-rough seas and sweet wines. These amazing places always surrounded me with the inspiration to do art and I started at a very young age.


Even though both these places share a place in my heart, I’ve been fortunate to live abroad too, in the bustling and bright city of London England and now in my new home Toronto.


I studied art at school, majoring in Sculpture and Drawing which I found most expressive. And through the years, even though life can take some curvy turns, I’ve never stopped feeding my passion for these art forms and started expanding into painting and mixed media.


My curiosity will always drive me to explore different mediums and I will always have a mix in my portfolio. I’m mostly self-taught, but am always learning and expanding and will keep fueling this flame until it’s a full and roaring fire.

My Story

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Exhibition: London 2015

"New Girl"

I've had an amazing opportunity to exhibit in London for one night in November.


Even though it was a private exhibition it was a great success.